Postale Belgique et Le Barbecue Végétarien

vegie barbecue:

I have received three letters lately asking for vegetarian barbecue recipes. Must be something in the air. Here’s the latest.

Radhe Devi from Belgium writes:

“I am Radhe Devi Dasi. I live in Belgium where I work for the Belgian Mail. I am a postwoman! Recently we won a quality price, being the best of the medium post-offices.

So the prize is that we all have to do something together! The plan is that there will be a barbeque with disco bar. There are a few other vegetarians apart from me, and they were told they’ll just have to eat salad. I want to prove otherwise, but I am not a cook.

Can you give me some ideas, for some real tasty barbeque food and not the grilled dead bodies! thank you and Hare Krishna.”


My reply:

Hare Krishna Radhe dd! Thanks for your letter. Hope it all goes well. Send me some pictures!!

Try these recipes:

Barbecued Haloumi and Char-grilled Asparagus with Salsa Verde
Barbecued Idaho Potatoes with Parsley Pesto
Barbecued Pumpkin with Mango Salsa
Barbecued Skewered Baby Okra with Sage Butter
Barbecued White Sweet Potato with Fresh Corn Chutney

Posted by Kurma on 11/8/08; 9:26:34 AM

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