On the Road to Wingham

Annette Greenhalgh runs the Duck Under the Table cookery school in Wingham, where I am teaching on Saturday. Annette also owns one of the biggest dairy herds in the area. There are 700 Holstein Fresian cows milked every day at ‘Bungay Bungay’ (Aboriginal for ‘midday’). Seventy percent (70%) of dairy cows in Australia are Holstein Fresians, by the way.

mother cow:

Wingham, 10 minutes drive from Taree, is nestled in the lush Manning Valley of New South Wales’s Mid North Coast, a predominantly dairy region. My train to Taree departs at noon, and arrives there this evening. Here’s some pictures from a previous class held there. Yes, that’s me, unshaven ruffian as I was.

poised and ready:

The crew were on the edge of their seats for the three-hour ride.

wingham folks:

I’ll be out of blog and correspondence range until Sunday, since I’m travelling ‘au naturel’ (without my computer). You’ll be hearing from me later (as if you didn’t know).
Posted by Kurma on 29/8/08; 5:52:29 AM

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