Oh Brother, Where Forth art Thou?


I’m back in The Land of Blog! Excuse me, I was temporarily dallying in real life. How frightfully unsociable.

Yes, the last number of days were spent commuting to and from a cookery school at The Company Farm, in Wauchope, up Northern Central Coastal New South Wales sort of way. My host was Lyn Withers. This is Team Wauchope lounging around before the first class.

Wauchope cookery class day #1:

Here’s Marika and Wes, stirring a very full wok of Matar Panir.

Marik + Wes contemplate the Matar Panir:

Our menu was as follows:

Classics from the Subcontinent

Traditional Hot and Sour Toor Dal (Sambar)
Cashew-studded South Indian Steamed Semolina Breads (Rawa Idli)
Fresh Mango Chutney
Crispy Battered Potato Puffs (Aloo Vadas)
Fresh Mint Chutney
Punjabi-style Tomatoes, Peas and Fresh Curd Cheese (Matar Panir)
Malabar Coast Green Bean & Fresh Coconut Salad
Cardamom-infused Yogurt with Pistachios and Saffron (Shrikhand)

The idli were soft, spongy and flavoursome, marrying wonderfully with the fresh mango chutney and spicy sambar dal.

Chris stirs the Matar Panir:

What? More Matar Panir, you ask? Yes, on day #2, with a whole new crew of cooking punters.

Lisa shows off a great batch of crispy steamed beans, drenched in lime juice and studded with fresh coconut and roasted crushed peanuts. You can see the wonderful vista of Lyn’s gardens adjoining the cookery school.

Lisa's Bean Salad:

After the entree platter of idli, sambar and mango chutney, this was the main course (with more mango chutney – it was so nice).

Dinner at the Farm:

Let there be lunch, Day #2.

Let There be Lunch:
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