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N from Panchkula, India writes:

“What is the common name of cereal Nachni? I had read somewhere that it is added to wheat flour to make it more nutritious.”


My reply:

Nachni is also commonly known as Ragi, a popular Maharashtrian cereal.

English name: Finger millet
Botanical name: Eleusine coracana
Sanskrit: Madhuli
Hindi name: Madua or mangal
Tamil name: Ragi

In many households, the flour of sprouted ragi is introduced as the first semi solid food for babies.

100 grams of ragi has 328 kilo calories of energy.

A gram of ragi has 72% carbohydrate, 3.6% fibre, and 7.3 grams of protein, vitamin B and a good combination of minerals, especially iron, calcium and phosphorus.

More importantly, ragi contains methionine, an essential alpha amino acid that is not present in other cereals like polished rice or maize. Deficiency of methionine causes impaired growth.”
Posted by Kurma on 17/5/08; 8:25:04 AM

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