Lord Krishna’s Cuisine

Lord Krishna's Cuisine:

Naresh Pote wrote from India.

“Its the Lord Krishna who really have sent you from heaven to teach the man-kind about divine food. I am however very much dissatisfied by the fact that most of the foods and recipes which are mentioned in your site contains the ingredients which could not be found in India. I wish you write one book which is specially devoted to India and which takes all the materials availiable in India. I wish you live long and fulfill the desire of Lord Krishna.”

My reply:

“Hello Naresh. Thanks for your letter, replete with your sweet and diplomatic choice of words, and your thoughtful benediction.

Many of my recipes require ingredients that are readily available on the Great Subcontinent. That is especially true of my first cookbook ‘Great Vegetarian Dishes’. But you are correct in your observation that a number of food items from my later cookbooks are harder to track down in India, especially outside of the big cities. I think many of my Indian readers would agree, yes?

The renowned and acclaimed author, Yamuna Devi, has written a number of classic Indian cookbooks that would appeal to Indian readers keen to be able to find all the ingredients.

Here’s one of my favourites:

And here’s another.
Posted by Kurma on 18/5/08; 6:17:46 AM

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