Like a Virgin

your chariot awaits...:

I’m catching Virgin Flight DJ 519 to Australia’s ‘Sunny Gold Coast‘ (read ‘wet and windy’) today. There’s a vegan cooking class a’brewin’.

kurma cooking renaissance:

Here’s our menu:

The Global Vegan

Fragrant South Indian Hot & Sour Toor Dal Soup (Rasam)
Orange and Pecan-studded Canadian Wild Rice and Basmati Pilaff
BBQ Asparagus with Semi-dried Tomato & Macadamia Chutney
Mild Karnataka-style Poriyal of Cauliflower, Potato and Peas
Succulent Mixed Vegetable Balls in Herbed Tomato Sauce (Kofta)
Dubai-style Salad of Dates, Turkish Bread, Almonds, Bitter Greens, Roasted Tofu & Fresh Herbs
Smoky Lebanese Eggplant Dip (Babagannouj)
Epiphany Doughnuts in Lemon-scented Rose & Orange-Blossom Syrup

Stay tuned…
Posted by Kurma on 31/5/08; 4:25:54 AM

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