Letter from Albany

albany folks:

Since sending out my ‘farewell, Western Australia” letter to the almost 1000 people on my mailing list, I’ve received a great response. Dozens of old friends have written encouraging, thankful letters, appreciating their cooking experiences over the last 8 years here in the West. Very heart-warming to say the least.

I found this one especially touching:

“Dear Kurma, greetings! While I was never able to participate in your tempting cooking classes in Perth, I do hold great memories of the ‘Cooking with Kurma’ classes held at the Summer School in Albany.


The friendly pressure to get the meal up on time, the many new food aromas arising and combining to test the nostrils and promise the taste buds of a new delight; the banter of the group, the almost pleading looks of people at the windows who were not part of our ‘privileged’ group, for a taste; the never to be forgotten communal meal and then of course – the washing up!

From personal experience, my wish for you is to gain from – make the absolute most of – and enjoy the remaining time with your ailing father.

Western Australia’s loss will of course be Sydney’s gain. However, for my part, I have my ‘Kurma’ recipe books which I must admit are catching a little dust while I struggle to retire from our seven-day-per-week nursery business. But one day, I promise, I will make good use of them and devote real time to doing things properly.

I gained a life experience. Our paths might never meet again, Kurma, but all the best for your future.

Sincerely, John and Norma.”
Posted by Kurma on 13/1/08; 1:36:58 PM

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