Let Them Eat (Vegan) Cake


A few people took exception to my comments to Danny of Randwick the other day.

Joseph McBride from the USA writes:

“This is really surprising, even as a joke. I don’t know any vegans who would be tempted by this dairy-rich cake any more than vegetarians would be tempted by a meat-rich main course.

Once you understand how much cruelty there is in the dairy industry, which includes the veal industry as an off-shoot, dairy completely loses its appeal.

There is more suffering in a glass of milk than there is in a piece of steak. Add to this the fact that that on average there are 322 million pus cells per liter of milk, or between one to seven drops of pus per glass, and the myriad health problems caused by dairy, and milk and its products just become completely repulsive.

The pus is caused by the udder infections – mastitis – that are rampant amongst cows with swollen udders who are forced to produce an unnatural amount of milk by giving them bovine growth hormone. It’s a shame so many vegetarians are ignorant of these sad facts.

It’s not surprising since the information isn’t exactly freely available. Anyone who really cares about cruelty to animals will stop eating dairy once they find out the truth about it. Give me the vegan cake any day.”

holy cow:

I replied:

Thanks for your comments Joseph. Of course, I was joking in my exchange with Danny of Randwick. In fact I sent him a vegan cake recipe by email. Here it is.

4 tablespoon of carob powder
1 1/2 cup plain flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/3 cup oil
3 tablespoons of lemon juice
1 1/2 teaspoons bicarbonate soda
3 Tablespoon of vanilla essence
3 Tablespoon of imitation chocolate essence
1 cup water

Sift flour and add all dry ingredients together. Mix all liquid ingredients and add to dry ingredients. Mix well. bake in 8″ cake tin for an hour at 180 degrees.


I am aware of horrors in the dairy industry and I have had much exchange on my blog about this subject with serious vegans like yourself.

If you key in search words in my blog page SEARCH box you will find numerous of these conversations in my archives.

Here’s a nice one, for instance.

Whilst I do not agree with all your points above, I respect the vegan view, though I have chosen not to be one myself. For more of my views on the vegan perspective, click on some of those links above. Best wishes, Kurma.
Posted by Kurma on 23/2/08; 7:26:13 AM

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