Last Quarter Fade-out


Bruce W. from Australia writes:

“Regarding Vegetarian Athletes: At the Top of Their Game

Wise words. It’s worth noting that in the realm of AFL (Australian) football, team dieticians have for many years prescribed largely vegetarian high-carb foods for the players at the elite level, allowing only small servings of flesh foods. This is because in the late 80s it was found that ‘last quarter fade-out’ was due to meat consumption and its subsequent loss of stamina.

Savvy coaches then started to ‘carb.load’ their players with rice or pasta to give them the edge when most needed. Some might remember the ageing marathon runner Cliff Young, who won the Sydney to Melbourne event fuelled with mashed pumpkin and potato!”
Posted by Kurma on 9/3/08; 5:46:42 AM

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