Kurma’s Sourdough Bread – Proof of the Pudding

Here’s a photo essay of my last batch of sourdough baking. See above for the rationale behind sourdough as opposed to commercial yeasted bread.

start with flour:

Firstly I start with my flour. In this case I added flax seeds and black sesame.

add some salt:

Salt is a very important addition for successful leavening.

add the water:

Purified water goes in next.

add my starter:

Then the most important ingredient is added – the starter culture.

add the flour:

I commence mixing.

stir it in:

The flour is stirred in with a spoon rather than my hands, in a beating motion – I prefer a moist dough.

a nice dough:

I think that’s sufficient.

leave for a long rest:

The dough must be left for many hours to double in size.

oil the tins:

Meanwhile I oil my bread tins. There is no oil in my dough.

flour the tins:

Then I flour the tins so my bread does not stick.

the dough she's a doublin':

Finally my dough is spongy and more than doubled.

the dough in the tins:

I divide the dough carefully into two and pop it in the tins. One kilo of flour makes me two medium loaves.

bread is ready to bake:

After the required time my dough has again doubled in the tins.

The bread is done and cooling:

There’s a couple of nice loaves!

ready for consumption:

And it’s sliced, ready for consumption.
Posted by Kurma on 29/12/08; 7:55:21 AM

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