Kurma Returns to Canberra

Teaching in Australia’s National Capital Canberra has been a regular adventure for many years. This visit marked the 30th birthday of my host Korinne (below, with baby Archer). She had invited guests from as far away as Papua-New Guinea, so it was an eagerly awaited event.

A day at Korinne's:

A generous sprinkling of men in the class changed the dynamics from my usual all-female extravaganzas. Here Jason pounds the Thai red curry paste.

Jason pounds the paste:

Fennel-scented doughnuts in berry-laced Greek yogurt was the grand finale, rendering us all prostrate for a good few hours.

Luscious berry malpoura:

I managed to get to the bus depot in time for my express bus trip back to Sydney.
Posted by Kurma on 26/5/08; 9:08:55 AM

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