Kurma in Peru – Countdown

Machu Picchu:

I’m off to Peru soon. My mission: Well, I’ll share that with you later.

If you’re an astute aficionado of my travel diary, you may have noticed a small picture of me atop the famous Incan archeological site Machu Picchu, but no write-up of events.

The fact is that just after returning from Peru in 2004, I did compile an elaborate photo essay, but all the text was lost due to a silly cyber accident on my part. So the essay never surfaced.

Let’s see if I can get one together after my forthcoming brief visit to Peru again – my third. Meanwhile here’s some more photos to whet your appetite.

los andes:

This shot was taken while flying over the Andes. We were at full altitude.

la exploracion:

Exploring the ancient and mysterious Machu Picchu.

howdy pardener:

After a frightening, rough and sore ride to remember: Up a treacherous mountain path to 4900 metres (over 16,000 feet). Breathless (for me and the poor horse).
I walked down the mountain, much to her relief.
Posted by Kurma on 11/11/08; 8:20:27 AM

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