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Kurma's DVD:

BdL from Texas writes:

“I have your DVD set. Are the recipes from these shows written or published somewhere on your website, or can they be found in your books?”

My reply:

“There are two series of shows featured on my cooking VIDEOS/DVD’s. The earlier 26 episodes have recipes from various sources, mainly Yamuna Devi, and if I recall the recipes appear on screen at the end of each segment. I had not written any books when we filmed the first series in a small studio in Culver City, Los Angeles in 1987, right opposite what is now Sony Studios.

By the way, that opening sequence of me wandering amongst rows of sun-drenched fruits and vegetables and biting on that rogue chili were filmed in the Hollywood Farmer’s Markets. That was day #1 of my TV career.

Hollywood Farmer's Market:

The second series of 26 shows, also seen on the DVD series, were filmed in the early 90’s ( also in LA) and are lifted from my first cookbook. There are no written recipes on screen for that selection.

I can’t recall exactly how many of the 52 episodes are on the full DVD set. Probably all of them. Some of those recipes are on my website, and all of them are in ‘Great Vegetarian Dishes’.

I did a third series of 26 shows (filmed in Melbourne, and based on my second cookbook, ‘Cooking with Kurma’) in the late 90’s but they were not transferred to DVD. It’s a pity, because in my opinion they were my best shows, and were very popular on Australian television.

A full listing of all recipes from all my books (titles of recipes only) are on my website in the BOOKS section. On the RECIPES page, scroll down for a total list and links to recipes published on my blog and website.”

(Dear readers: To obtain my cookery DVD’s, simply comment on this blog and I’ll give you all the details.)
Posted by Kurma on 14/5/08; 4:51:54 PM

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