That’s Kurma’s Kotara Kooking, by the way. Anyone googling the Ku Klux Klan will end up here, but hey, more traffic is always welcome.

Kotara is a suburb adjoining Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. If you read my blog regularly you’ll know that I taught a cooking class there a few days ago, and I did promise you some pics.

My camera gave up its air of life just before the weekend, so I conducted the class without one. Luckily our attendees were avid paparazzi, so we have vision – plenty with me in – since your’s truly was not taking the shots.

on board the titanic:

I feel a bit sea-sick looking at this picture. Our cabin crew were listening (not listing) intently as I gave my preamble to the class, entitled “The Upmarket Vegetarian”. After handing out the printed class notes, I introduced myself and allowed everyone to do the same; then I spoke about the menu for the day, explaining all about the origins of the recipes, any relevant history, botany and geography, and general culinary tidbits.

very steamy scenes:

The first recipe cooked was the remarkable Hot, Sweet Sour and Spicy Eggplant Pickles from my second cookbook Cooking With Kurma. It’s always a winner, and is very dramatic when it cooks. Here I’m sprinkling in the ground, dry-roasted cumin at its steamy grand finale.

We cooked up a batch of Fragrant, Tomato-laced Karnataka Hot & Sour Toor Soup (Rasam), Classic South Indian Lemon Rice with Fresh Coconut & Cashews, and made some fresh panir cheese from lovely rich organic unhomogenised milk.

Several tastings of the cheese were offered: fresh, warm and raw chunks drizzled with extra-virgin oilive oil, sea salt and lemon juice, and then pan-fried sweet-chili panir mini-steaks.

The majority of the fresh cheese was used for our Savoury Fresh Cheese Balls in Creamy Tomato Sauce (Malai Kofta). We kneaded and brayed the warm cheese till it was smooth, then folded in chopped roasted almonds, salt and pepper, a little hing and chopped sultanas and fresh coriander. Here they are, one of two whole platefuls from 8 litres of milk, ready to shallow-fry and submerge in our cream-infused sauce.

raw malai kofta:

A Fresh Garden Salad was assembled, consisting of assorted salad leaves, fresh basil, asparagus and grape tomatoes, blanched and sauteed vegetables and a delightful tahini and honey infused lemon and oil dressing.

After whipping up a batch of South Indian Coconut Chutney with first class frozen shredded coconut we made our Coconut and Rice Flour Crepes Stuffed with Potatoes (Masala Dosa).

I always like to direct the plating-up of lunch. Presentation is important.

we're plating up:

Dessert was Saffron-scented Rice Pudding (Chaval Ksira), served with Cream, Fresh Mangoes and Strawberries.

well-earned lunch:
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