Jam Session: Sabjimata Down Under


A bit over a week ago I enquired from Devadeva, a fellow blogger and renowned Jam Queen (aka Florida-based Sabjimata) about the possibility of buying some of her jams and conserves. The answer was ‘affirmative’; the only possible drawback was postage from USA to Australia.

I figured it was worth it, despite the cost, and I placed my order. And yesterday, the big day arrived. At 9.00 the postman pressed the front door bell, and my heartrate increased.

tremblin' hands:

I ran to the kitchen, big heavy treasure trove of a box in my trembling hands.

it's worth it:

I glanced at the postage; expensive, yes, but well worth it. Australian Quarantine had opened the box, checked the contents and repacked it without any problems. I grabbed a knife and took a deep breath. Here goes…


Quarantine had rewrapped the box so well with plastic wrap that I needed a few extra swipes with the knife. Heartrate increasing now…

breaking open the treasure house of love of jam:

I tore open a few individual wrappers. Wow…there it is, the real deal! Those delightfully cool jars felt wonderfully heavy in my hand.

Sabjimata Mountain:

I kept unwrapping, and Sabjimata Jam Mountain kept getting higher and higher. Gosh, did I really order so many? Well, you know me, Mr Obsessive. I don’t do things by halves.

free reading matter:

I even got a bit of authentic Washington Post reading matter.

anise cherry conserve:

Anise Cherry Conserve was my first taster, on my homemade sourdough toast. Heaven! Then came Saffron Cardamom Peach Conserve, with big chunks of delectable golden peaches and oodles of orange saffron thread. And the Cherry Vanilla Bean Conserve…How opulent! I couldn’t stop – I was on a jam roll (yikes!).

cherry vanilla bean conserve:

More toast, quick! Now for some Vanilla Bean Peach Butter, and big sister Peach Vanilla Bean Conserve. A tiny sample jar, slipped in free of charge, contained some beautiful ruby-like Rose Petal Jelly (pictured below). Oh so subtle! Last but not least was the rarely-seen Sour Orange Conserve.

rose petal jelly:

You haven’t tasted jams and conserves until you’ve tasted Sabjimata. The entire lower shelf of my fridge is now Sabjimata Jam and Conserve Land. Am I endorsing the product? You bet! Order some today, and get the higher taste.
Posted by Kurma on 10/9/08; 3:31:36 PM

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