It’s My Kitchen, I’ll Karahi If I Want To


I’ve had two other requests similar to this one in the last week. It’s good to see my cookery DVD’s are out there and being seriously studied.

PK from Czech Republic writes:

“What kind of a wok you are using in your kitchen? I would like to buy one, and I saw your video DVD cooking course and I like your wok. Can you please recommend one?”

My reply:

I can’t exactly recall which wok I used on the DVD series. It was filmed in Los Angeles in 1988.

Now I use 4 varieties: For authentic Asian stir-frying over seriously hot flames I use a one-wooden-handled Asian steel round-bottomed wok.

I also use an Indian Karai (sometimes spelled karahi); it’s a bit thicker gauge than a wok, made of heavy black steel, round bottomed, with 2 large open ‘Mickey-Mouse ear’ handles. Mine is a Bengali version – deeper and constructed of thicker-gauged steel than the photo above – with rounder, chunkier handles. It’s practically indestructible, and I use it for deep-frying.

Thirdly, I use an electric wok for all my travelling cookery classes. It’s useful when space is limited and there are no gas flames available.

For most other wok cooking, I use a steel one-wooden-handled flat-bottomed Asian wok.

I trust this sheds some light. Oh, and apologies to Lesley Gore.
Posted by Kurma on 29/2/08; 11:06:49 AM

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