Today my old Nokia clunker of a mobile phone (US readers: read ‘cellphone’) gave up it’s vital functions. It was time to get a new one, quick smart.

I went to the Vodaphone shop at the cavernous Westfield complex in Bondi Junction and was confronted with a strange scene: masses of people all squeezed in to the tiny store, and dozens of staff members all with matching t-shirts. How odd, I thought – all these staff tending to all these people who were all getting a new phone on the same day, and with such, well, gusto.

It turned out that today was the world launch (outside of USA) of the new iPhone. Thousands had lined up all night outside Apple stores to get one. These people were doing the same thing.

Finally I was able to attract the attention of a staff member who was very helpful. And I walked away with – not an iPhone, but a new Nokia. Fine. I can’t watch TV on it, nor can I read my emails. But it’s a phone, and that’s good enough for me.
Posted by Kurma on 11/7/08; 8:34:54 PM

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