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I’ve been planting a few culinary herbs over the last month. The ground has become cooler, the heat of summer is over. Along with Sydney’s ample rain, all have contributed to perfect growing conditions.

My father’s patio is a bricked area, so I’ve once again started to plant in pots. I’m quite comfortable with this method.

2 baby coriander:

The Australian coriander seeds (above) took a while to sprout, but they all appear very healthy. I’ll thin them out soon. Thinning out means pulling out plants that are growing too close to other ones, by the way.

1 fresh mustard:

And talking of thinning out…!!! Those mustard sprouts (above) are rather congested. I just sprinkled in seed, knowing full well that almost every single mustard seed always sprouts.

Actually I will just shave off the greens when they get a little bigger, use them in salad or soup, and then dig the rest back into the soil. Great, nitrogen-rich fertiliser for my next planting.

4 fresh fenugreek:

Fresh fenugreek, known as methi, is wonderful in Indian breads. Or I could put it into salads. I was just experimenting with it, but it’s a healthy crop.

The seeds for these herbs were in my spice cupboard – I use them in my cooking. I wanted to start off my growing season with sure-fire sprouters. Nothing worse than seeds that never pop their heads up.

Plus also, I planted them all at the correct phase of the moon. I find that very significant and important. Moon phase planting is a well-known and ancient art. Farmer’s Almanacs have all the information.

For me, growing herbs and cooking are powerful ways of keeping the mind peaceful; and in the case of gardening, getting in touch with Mother Earth, even in a plant pot, is both grounding and uplifting.
Posted by Kurma on 16/5/08; 6:09:39 AM

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