Head in the Clouds

head in the clouds:

October is upon us already: this year has raced by so quickly! It seems that as one gets older, time appears to be accelerating. My first 12 years in England were happily spent in childhood pursuits. At the time, that portion of my life appeared endless.

It’s birthday season: My grandson Sebastian will be turning 6 in a week, and later my son Chaitanya will be 23; a few weeks after that my other grandson Toby will be 4, my son Nitai will be 12, and at the end of the year I turn 56.

My mother passed away last year. My father is 84. As I wrote the above paragraph, my father, seated at his computer across the room received an email announcing news of the sudden death of his younger cousin.

The great Sanskrit classic Srimad Bhagavatam says:

“As a mass of clouds does not know the powerful influence of the wind, a person engaged in material consciousness does not know the powerful strength of the time factor, by which he is being carried.”

Time races by, and before we know it, our life will come to an end. We should not keep our head in the clouds, but remember that we have an alloted time, and when that time is up, we have no choice but to move on.

The great politician-pandit named Canakhya said that not even one moment of time can ever be returned, even if one is prepared to pay millions of dollars. One cannot calculate the amount of loss there is in wasting valuable time. So, either materially or spiritually, we should be very alert in utilizing the time which we have at our disposal.
Posted by Kurma on 3/10/08; 8:31:42 AM

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