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Russell and Selina from Victoria, Australia ask: “We have made your halava recipe and are finding it more than a little addictive. Is there any reason why we can’t use almonds in place of the walnuts, and honey in place of the sugar?”

Russell and Selina: Russell and Selina

My reply:

“Any nuts, any dried fruits are great, for sure. Try fresh fruit added after the halava sits for a while off-heat (things like berries, mango, banana, or fresh figs/dates). And spices: cardamom, saffron, star anise poached in the syrup, cinnamon, vanilla.

Try coarse polenta instead of semolina (farina, por los lectores Americanos) for a gluten-free halava.

Honey is hydroscopic (moisture absorbing), which means it draws water out of things. My experience of honey-sweetened halava is that it doesn’t set so well. Not more than 40% sweetener as honey I’d say. Also Ayurveda says that cooked honey is not very good for you. Just by the way. Best wishes.”
Posted by Kurma on 2/8/08; 4:44:04 AM

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