Granola with Mangoes

Things are great here in Darwin (see yesterday’s blog). The overnight flight from Sydney via Brisbane was delayed due to heavy storms, so I wasn’t able to land in Darwin until 1.25am, which was 3.00am Sydney time; I didn’t get to bed until the time I normally get up. I slept until after sunrise this morning, but I’m still a bit sleep-deprived, so I’ll need an early night to catch up.

We (my gracious host Andrew and myself) have been driving around picking up bits and pieces for Saturday’s class, though the real shopping starts and ends tomorrow. It’s very hot, but very pleasant. It’s also rainy season, so things are looking green. I’ll be waiting for some afternoon monsoon.

mangoes galore:

We drove past vast mango orchards as we commuted down the highway from Andrew’s place in Howard Springs. There are tens of thousands of mango trees here, with mangoes falling to the ground for the picking. Though mangoes are for sale in the shops, only tourists buy them. Every Darwin local either has one or more mango trees, or knows someone with one.

I had some local mangoes for breakfast, still warm from the tree. That reminds me: I made a great batch of toasted muesli (Granola) back in Sydney the other day. Those fresh mangoes would go well with it.


This batch contains organic rolled oats, organic rolled barley, organic rolled spelt, oat bran, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, a little macadamia oil, raw sugar, dried organic peaches, dried organic pears, dried currants, dried organic pineapple, and ribbon coconut.

The recipe is in my cookbook ‘Cooking with Kurma’. Buy the book.
Posted by Kurma on 23/10/08; 4:23:58 PM

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