Gaura Purnima – Full Moon Rising

full moon rising:

Today, Friday March 21, is not only Good Friday, but also Gaura Purnima Purnima means ‘full-moon’ in sanskrit, a very special day on the Vaishnava Calendar. It marks the anniversary of the advent of Lord Chaitanya, also known as Gaura, in 1486 AD. Lord Gauranga, as he is also known, is the modern-day founder of what has become known as the Hare Krishna Movement.


All around the planet today, in every Hare Krishna Temple both large and small, from Melbourne to Malmo, Rome to Rio, Salt Lake City to St Petersburg, Lagos to London, Vladivostok to Varanasi, Prague to Porto Alegre, festivities will be taking place. And you’re invited! Programs will vary, but the grande finale for all will be spectacular feasting.

To locate the closest Hare Krishna Centre nearest you, click here.

suddho gaurah-su-dirghango
bhavisyami kalau yuge

In the age of Kali-Yuga, I shall come [bhavisyami kalau yuge] in a place on the bank of the Ganges [ganga-tira-samudbhavah]. I will be very pure [suddhah] have a golden complexion [gaurah] and be very tall [su-dirghangah] and chant the holy names of Krishna. (Vayu-Purana)
Posted by Kurma on 21/3/08; 7:35:44 AM

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