From Badass to Bagasse – The Full Circle


So you’re wondering about the intriguing title of today’s blog, eh?

Well to start with, let me ask you a question: have you ever eaten Hare Krishna food (known as prasadam) at a temple Sunday Feast or Dinner, a university Vegetarian Club event, The Big Day Out, or any outdoor folk, rock or cultural festival?

Perhaps many of you have. The Hare Krishna Movement is the world’s largest pure vegetarian food distribution outlet by far, distributing literally millions of plates worldwide every year.

Before I left Perth I went to the Bayswater Post Office to redirect all my mail. It’s a family affair, and the son, Tony, knows me well. He constantly regales me with the glories of the ‘Hari food’ as he calls it. He told me on that last day that he lives from year to year to taste the semolina halava pudding served at the Hare Krishna food tent at The Perth Big Day Out. I’m sure Tony’s not the only one.

prasadam time:

In my old days in Melbourne, for the years since ‘the environment’ became a hot topic, Sunday Feast guests would constantly ask me why we used styrofoam or plastic plates to serve the food on. I explained, correctly, that at the time there was really no alternative, other than paper, which tends to get really sloppy (what to speak of all those dead trees…)

Well now there is an environmentally-friendly alternative. The eatingware pictured in the top photo is all made from recycled sugarcane waste, known as bagasse.

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Posted by Kurma on 8/2/08; 5:50:16 AM

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