I’m in my Sydney kitchen cooking for Nitai’s 12th birthday party. Here’s a shot of the boys – Nitai and his dog Spikey, taken in Cusco, Peru a few weeks ago.

The Boys:

And this is another little mate – Kurma the Turtle, from the Peruvian Amazon, enjoying some fresh papaya.

Little Kurma:

Spikey (who really doesn’t have a spikey bone in his body), as well as little Kurma, both had to stay in Peru, alas. Such are the ebbs and flows of life.

Friends come together and then separate, like twigs and leaves that sometimes congregate, bob and bump on the surface of the flowing streams of life, and then are gone.
Posted by Kurma on 21/12/08; 4:32:50 A

Life and Travel

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