Flower-bearing Spring

Spring is here in the Southern Hemisphere. Some of my favourite flowers are starting to bloom. I picked some and offered them to Baby Krishna.

flower bearing spring:

Left to right: Jonquil (narcissus), has such a rich invigorating scent. And the tiny Australian native flowers sharing the vase are in season all over the place at the moment. I picked some on my morning walk. Don’t know the name – does anyone know? The flowers are very sweet, and remind me of native frangipani.

The purple flowers are stock – a distict fragrance that’s hard to put into words – heady, noble and uplifting.

Jasmine is popping out everywhere. The neighbour’s vine spills over into our back yard. Such a wonderful aroma! The scent of jasmine for me is Spring Personified.

And last but not least is the slightly citrus, slightly vanilla mysteriously subtle Fresia, which grows wild around the neighbourhood. The beauty and fragrance of flowers is a living proof of God’s mystic power and artistic brilliance.

brhat-sama tatha samnam
gayatri chandasam aham
masanam marga-sirso ‘ham
rtunam kusumakarah

“Of the hymns in the Sama Veda I am the Brhat-sama, and of poetry I am the Gayatri. Of months I am Margasirsa [November-December], and of seasons I am flower-bearing spring.” (Krishna speaks to Arjuna in Bhagavad-gita, Chapter 10 “The Opulence of the Absolute”, verse 35)
Posted by Kurma on 4/9/08; 12:52:47 PM

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