Fatto Gateaux! My Cup(cakes) Runneth Over

Nitai’s 12th Birthday was quite a bash. He immediately hit it off with his nephews (yes, Nitai was an uncle by 6 years old), and the food was good. Grandpa Kurma had fun. What more could I ask?

Uncle Nitai:

The sweets were a great hit. These are crunchy peanut butter cupcakes (folded through with some mysterious dark chips from my cupboard that look like carob) and topped with a naughty ganache and sugar-crusted macadamias.

Tres Nutty:

Toby just had his 3rd birthday. He stole Nitai’s glasses to see what he would look like in them. Just wait another few years laddie, and you’ll know first hand. Myopia runs in the family.

Toby 08:

And this a batch of vanilla cupcakes with lemon butter frosting and home-preserved cherries.

Never Say Diet:

Sebastian is six years old. How time flies. I remember when he was born. I was in Perm, near Siberia at the time.

Sebastian 08:

This cake almost defied description. It was filled with whipped cream and Sabjimata’s Plum Conserve. That’s marzipan confectionery on top, snuggled into an even naughtier ganache. I called it ‘Fatto Gateaux’. There’s even a song to go with it (sung to the tune of ‘In the Ghetto’, by Elvis Presley). Go on, try it – in space no-one can hear you sing.

Fatto Gateaux:

After all that sugar, the boys were just a blur.

boys will be boys:
Posted by Kurma on 23/12/08; 2:06:18 PM

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