Dinner with Kurma

In one of my blogs earlier this week I excused myself for a paucity of entries, suggesting that I felt it was better to remain silent than simply publish small-talk, like telling what I had for breakfast.

On the contrary, opined my revered God-brother Kripamoya. He reasoned that my breakfasts would probably be an interesting topic. I told him what I had, and he was impressed.

So in the spirit of freedom of information, here is what I cooked today, on the Holy day of Sri Ekadasi.

Dinner with Kurma:

The menu: Chat potatoes and butternut squash, roasted in Greek rigani-pepper-and-nutmeg-infused olive oil, with a salad of baby cos lettuce, cottage cheese, oven roasted red peppers, cashews, pan-toasted haloumi cheese, avocado, pomegranate, tomato wedges, garden-fresh parsley & Vietnamese mint in a lime and extra-virgin olive oil dressing.
Posted by Kurma on 15/5/08; 4:29:42 PM

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