Broccoli Good for the Prostate

Broccoli good for the prostate
Sydney Morning Herald, July 3, 2008

Eating broccoli once a week can reduce a man’s chances of developing prostate cancer and might even slow tumour growth in sufferers, a new study suggests.

eat your broccoli:

Australian cancer experts have welcomed findings from a British study, which has confirmed the benefits of the vegetable on cancer in humans, not just lab rats.

But they warn it is still unclear how protective the broccoli is, or who will benefit most from it.

Researchers from Institute of Food Research in Norwich gave 22 men 400 grams of either broccoli or peas a week, equal to one or two portions, in addition to their normal diet, for a year.

Tissue samples taken from their prostate gland before and during the trial showed that broccoli changed how genes linked to prostate cancer act.

This suggests the broccoli-rich diet reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer, and also the chance of localised cancer becoming more aggressive.

Other studies have shown that cruciferous vegetables may reduce the risk of prostate cancer but this is the first to explain why.
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