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Over three years ago my old friend Aniruddha Dasa, who currently serves as the Temple President of the Melbourne Branch of the Hare Krishna Movement, inspired me to set up my blog, and he gave me the technical assistance and template in order to do it. Our technical support, and brains behind the blogsite, is brilliant UK based Steve Hooker.
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Steve has set it all up that even a techno-dunce like myself can publish decent-looking stuff. Close to two thousand posts later, Ani and Steve have encouraged old-stick-in-the-mud me to try something new: publish my daily blog via email, including photos. This will be very useful when I am travelling. Theoretically I will be able to send them from any computer, as long as it is sent from my email address.

With the new system, the subject line of the email becomes the title of the post, while the body of the email becomes the body of the news item.

Steve suggested that I can attach pictures too. I can just add them as a normal email attachment. The file’s name will become the caption under the picture. As you can see, the pictures will be thumbnails, and all you do (duh!) is click on them to see the ‘bigger picture’.

This post started out as an email, so it seems to be working. I’m excited! Any comments?

Posted by Kurma on 12/11/08; 8:23:26 AM

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