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some advice to kurma:

Sita-Pati writes: “Kurma, I tried to leave a comment to your blog on bambo shoots and cyanogenic glycosides, but I was disallowed.

My Reply: I asked my Blog Technician, who explained the reason: He had added a link to his comment, and my set-up did not allow that.

So (and I’m speaking to all of you, dear blog readers) if you want to leave a comment, don’t include a link, or else it will not work. Specifically, you can leave a link if you want, but miss out the http : / / part.

Anyway, Sita-Pati sent me his comment in an email, on the same subject.

Here it is:

“Kurma: What I’ve been reading about these cyanogenic glycosides are that they are actually good for your health in moderate doses. According to Ayurveda the modern western diet is deficient in bitter, and many of the endemic health problems in the west arise from this.

Cyanogenic glycosides indeed have a bitter taste, and according to health researchers what happens when they enter the body and metabolize is this:

The healthy cells produce an enzyme called rhodanese, which metabolizes and detoxifies the cyanide harmlessly. Cancerous cells do not produce rhodanese, and so have no protection from the cyanide. In other words, this type of cyanide when ingested in moderate quantities actually targets cancerous cells in the body.

I’ve started eating apricot kernels each day, and I’m not dying of cyanide poisoning (even health authorities who decry its beneficial effects admit that it does not accumulate in the body).

So there’s a potential link for you between Ayurveda, the bitter taste, the modern western diet, and endemic health problems in the west.

Here is a reference:

And here’s another:
Posted by Kurma on 7/3/08; 1:06:28 PM

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