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Here’s a few food-related tidbits from recent email correspondence:

potato starch:

Sarah Beauvent from Winston, Salem USA asks:

“I would like to bake the Ekadasi cake and I need potato flour. Is it the same as potato starch? Thank you for your prompt reply!”

My reply:

Yes! It is the same thing. Happy baking…


S from Sydney writes:

“Can you please give me some recipes using butternut pumpkin. I have never used this pumpkin before.”

My reply:

Use it like any other pumpkin. Go to my blog home page. See the search box, top right? Key in the word ‘pumpkin’. Quite a few recipe ideas there. (note: It is known as butternut squash in the US.)

buckwheat pancakes:

Anup writes:

“Haribol! I was just wondering what possible snacks or dishes I could make out of buckwheat flour since I am partially gluten intolerant.”

I reply:

Pakoras with buckwheat flour batter 60% and arrowroot flour 40% plus salt spices and baking soda are delicious for grain-free ekadasi days.

Buckwheat poories or chapatis with mashed potato as the moistener are very tasty. They take a little care to make since the dough does not contain any bread-rolling-friendly gluten.

You can buy buckwheat pasta also. Finally, buckwheat pancakes, savouries or sweet are hearty!”

fresh tofu:

Elizabeth from UK enquires:

“Do you have recipes for home-made soya milk or tofu, my sister-in-law is from China and would love to make these but is not 100% sure how to go about it.”

My reply:

I don’t have exact recipes at my fingertips, no, sorry. It is rather straightforward though.

Soak whole dried soybeans in fresh water overnight, in a cool place.

Crush the whole mix, water and beans until completely processed (a food processor could work).

Boil the mixture.

Strain and squeeze out the liguid – this is the soy milk.

Add a coagulant nigari (magnesium chloride) is used in Japan for this. Or you could use gypsum (calcium sulphate). The mix will curdle.

Strain the bean curds. Press. Cut.

Detailed description of tofu-making: Here.
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