Ancient Indian Mathematics


Unpacking my 22 cubic metres of accumulated possessions and research materials, and squeezing the contents into my new Sydney residence is a tough job. I’ve spent 48 hours so far, and by this afternoon I was getting a bit ‘stir-crazy’ (or the unpacking equivalent).

It was really time for a break, so I took to cyber relaxation. I keyed in the words ‘Kurma dasa” on Google search, and started browsing the 150,400 items.

After a few hundred links (yawn) I struck gold, falling upon a book review of ‘Cooking with Kurma’ on a fascinating website on Ancient Indian (Vedic) Mathematics.


Here’s a sample page. If you’re a mathematics type, you’ll be ‘stoked’ as they say [in Australia].
Posted by Kurma on 6/2/08; 4:30:11 PM

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