A Paucity of Posts

the big dry:

A number of you have written expressing disappointment at the paucity of posts, and wanting the old Kurma back; you know, the chatty, talkative Kurma that publishes a blog daily.

Well, let me tell you, this is the driest month ever since I first started blogging almost 3 years ago.

It’s been over three months since I arrived in Sydney and I have been very busy looking after my father: A great deal of medical stuff, seeing lots of specialists. Plus cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, and shopping.

I’ve recommenced baking bread; the sourdough culture has awoken from it’s sleep in the freezer and is slowly on the road to full recovery.

The end of stoned fruit season has seen me stewing fruits of all varieties – my Dad enjoys old Anglo-Saxon fare. In the fridge at present: a big jar of cardamom and lemon-scented crimson quinces, cassia-laced stewed apples, and whole poached baby late-season plums.

Also on the menu: sago puddings, fresh juices every morning (pomegranate, mandarin, pineapple, etc) plus a variety of biscuits (Anzacs and Orange Shortbreads are the latest in the cookie jar).

jam session again:

My real favourite is jam-making. There’s a big jar of strawberry conserve in the pantry. And the cold wet snap here in Sydney has reminded me to start planting herbs; coriander, mint, marjoram, fenugreek and mustard are all doing well.

My Dad is a great fan of soups, so I have 3 or four varieties in the freezer at any one time, in single serve portions. At present there’s homemade tomato, cream of corn, and minestrone; Oh and also a whole variety of cooked beans ready to thaw and use – Great Northern, Puy Lentils, Cannelini and Borlotti beans, and Chickpeas. There’s even some homemade baked beans (the world’s most efficient cough cure.)


So yes, I have been a busy boy.

Plus…. I have been inspired to begin four new writing projects. That’s right, four. They are all going well, especially one which has been on the back burner for 20 years.

Ancient wisdom dictates that a gentleman does not disclose his plans lest they be spoiled, so I will not reveal what these writing projects are. When it’s time to share the details, you’ll be the first to know. Yes you. Suffice to say they are exciting projects. That’s all I can tell you for now.

Anyway, here I am, chatting away like the old days. I’ve also been fortunate over the last 10 days or so to be able to catch up with 3 sets of old friends; I went and spent an evening with my old comrade Madhudvisa (pictured, below) last week at a special kirtan, discourse and dinner evening at the home of Rupa and Krishna Rupa in Merrylands. It was lots of fun.


Bhagavat and his good wife Sarva dropped in for an Epicurian Breakfast on their way from Brisbane to country NSW. That’s him in the picture below taken in the Melbourne Hare Krishna Temple Kitchen last year.

kurma and bhagavat ashraya:

Don’t have a picture of Sarva. And I visited Govinda’s Kirtan night with my down-to-earth buddy Parama, sung my heart out and then went upstairs for the famous all-you-can-eat buffet. So no shortage of friendly adventures.

So there we have it. I can’t promise a complete revival of the ‘blog-a-day’ Kurma, but I’ll give it my best shot.

Must go, it’s time to cook dinner.
Posted by Kurma on 30/4/08; 3:11:37 PM

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