A Little Victory

moving house:

I can count the time in hours until the removalists arrive to whisk my earthly possessions away to Sydney.

A major interstate house move is an awesome event. Packing boxes, tackling and culling years of paper work, sorting through cupboardfuls of kitchen equipment, a ‘to-do’ list that resembles a Microsoft manual, cleaning the house – how does one attempt to tackle all this?

Plutarch said: “The first step towards victory is to gain courage.”

I have devised a system. After courageously deciding to march to the front line and meet the enemy full-on, I commence. It’s all a bit like war; subjugation, then dividing, and finally conquering.

As far as packing, I don’t just mistakenly pile everything into boxes, willy-nilly. Rather I go through each cupboard, every shelf, every drawer, every room, and pack items carefully as they are grouped in my present house, and label the boxes clearly. Then I write a full inventory.

Breaking down huge tasks into ‘bite-sized’ ones has always been my rule-of-thumb in everything I do. It really works. I enjoy it.

house moving:

Tasks that appear impossible – like writing a 300-page book, planning a world teaching tour, cooking a feast for 500, or moving house – are quite possible if efficiently and methodically divided into parts and sub-parts, step-by-step.

Today, changing house; tomorrow, changing body.

Do not scorn little victories.” – Andre Gide (1869-1951)
Posted by Kurma on 20/1/08; 12:41:31 AM

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