A Day with the Relos

G’day! I got on the blower a few weeks ago and arranged a day with the Relos. This arvo, my daughter Joelene and her hubby dropped by, along with their billy lids and assorted other dinkum family members. My son Caitanya has also flown over from Perth for the week.

Kurma and Toby '08:
Kurma and Toby

It was pissin’ down outside, but we were snug as bugs in rugs. I served a slap-up feed. Everyone had a Captain Cook and were pretty impressed. “Geez, have a gander at this! There’s more dishes here than you can poke a stick at. We could eat a horse, and chase the jockey.”

Kurma's Grandsons '08:
The ankle biters, Toby and Sebastian.

We had a great wing-ding. After double serves of saffron, pistachio and cherry halava, we were all as full as a fairy’s phone book. It was a deadset ace day, but I’m nackered, so I’ll be doing bugger all for the rest of the evening.

Joelene '08:
My daughter Joelene with a plate of the beaut tucker.

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Posted by Kurma on 15/6/08; 5:59:46 PM

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