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Hello Kurma,

I’m sure you must come across thousands of exotic vegetables worldwide, and certainly witlof [Belgian endive] may not be considered “exotic”, but do you ever use it in your recipes?

We love it slowly sauteed in butter and oil and a bit water until tender but still crispy, and then put on a high flame with salt/black pepper/yellow asafetida power until the moisture is gone and it gets a bit golden brown. A deliciously simple side dish. It is also great raw in a variety of fresh salads. Are you familiar with it? Greetings, Ria & Dick, Belgium.


Hello Ria and Dick,

I have used it a few times in salads to add bitterness, but not cooked with it. I will buy some and give your recipe a try. Thanks!! Yours in cooking, Kurma
Posted by Kurma on 26/2/07; 12:50:23 AM

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