Visit South India with Kripamoya Dasa

Sven from Norway asks: Hi Kurma, My fiancée and I are travelling to South India later in the year. Any ideas as to places we should head for?


My reply: Hello Sven! Hyggelig a treffe deg!

I am also visiting India later in the year, but not down south this time. Allow me to direct you to a wonderful travel article belonging to a Godbrother of mine, Kripamoya dasa. These pictures are from his recent tour. I am sure he won’t mind me using them as a trail of sugar to his sweet website.

famous wadas:

You will find some wonderful travel information from his South Indian Pilgrimage. Enjoy the exceptionally interesting essay, and your trip!

Posted by Kurma on 8/8/07; 4:46:54 AM

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