The Return of Grandpa Kurma

My father and I spent a pleasant day in Sydney’s Western suburbs with my daughter Joelene, her partner Micah and their sons Sebastian (who turns five tomorrow), and Toby, aged 22 months.


My father, of course, is their great-grandfather, and so as not to confuse the boys, we suggested that we could be known as “G 1” and “G 2”; but that only did more to confuse the issue.

monsieur Toby:

Sebastian is very excited about starting school, whereas Toby (above) just wants to have fun and is a natural-born entertainer.

Toby the clown:

He went out wearing this outfit the other day and insisted that he keep it on all afternoon.

Tomorrow I hit the road for some regional New South Wales teaching.
Posted by Kurma on 9/10/07; 6:49:32 PM

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