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V from Adelaide, South Australia asks:

“Please can you help me find recipes for the food I enjoyed at Hare Krishna restaurants in Brisbane and Cairns? I am new to vegetarianism but I can no longer ignore the ache in my heart for senseless animal suffering and I would like to introduce my family to the flavours of Govinda’s at home.”

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My reply:

“Well all Govinda’s and Gopal’s and other Hare Krishna restaurants serve things cooked specifically by the cooks there, so I would say that they all vary immensely.

Some cooks would cook direct recipes from Hare Krishna Cookbooks like mine, but many, since they are cooking such big quantities, would cook spontaneously, without specific recipes. So duplication of these exact flavours may be difficult.

Hare krishna Food #1:

I suggest you do any of these things:

1. Ask the cooks on-site if they have recipes they can share for specific things you have eaten there.

2. Get some Hare Krishna cookbooks, like mine (see my website for details) or the Higher Taste, a nice paperback cookbook available at all Hare Krishna eateries.

3. Find out if there are any cookery classes held at or near any of these places. I do travel twice a year and teach around Australia. For instance, I will be teaching at Govinda’s in Kings Cross NSW later this year, and at Govinda’s in Adelaide and Darwin early next year.

4. Go to the recipe section of my website and collect the permanent recipes from there plus my weekly offerings.

Hope this helps, Kurma
Posted by Kurma on 25/6/07; 6:16:32 AM

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