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at home in Essex:

I always wondered if my mother had made an unofficial, private vow never to say ‘Hare Krishna’ to me whenever I greeted her with those famous words. Whatever the case, she would always reply with “hello”.

With the onslaught of her terrible 20-plus years struggle with Parkinson’s Disease (she considered getting a job as a cocktail waitress to make use of all that shaking) came a decline in memory. Perhaps she forgot her ‘vow’. In any case, the very last time she spoke to me (in March) she said ‘Hare Krishna’. Now she no longer speaks.

Thank you for the many, many letters and messages of prayers and support for my mother. She has always been a very strong, private woman; so in keeping with her determination, she is still with us, clinging to life, despite giving up eating and drinking many days ago, like a true yogi.
Posted by Kurma on 23/5/07; 10:54:00 AM

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