South Indian Breakfast

I was invited to the home of a nice resident couple here in Sri Mayapur this morning for a South Indian breakfast. Acintya Caitanya teaches physics and mathematics here at the school, and his wife Shiromani Devi is a doctor.

acintya caitanya and shiromani:

We joked about how I hardly ever receive a meal invitation, mainly because many people are afraid to cook for me. Let the truth be known: I am easy to cook for. And I won’t be going through your kitchen cupboards.

The breakfast was just wonderful. We started with masala dosa (crispy thin savoury crepes stuffed with spicy potato), accompanied by sambar (smooth, sour and hot toor dal gravy with okra) and a delightful coconut chutney.

masala dosa sambar and coconut chutney:

The dessert was kozhakatta – a specialty of Tamil and Malayalam cuisine. The outside of the steamed cakes is made from toasted rice flour mixed with boiling water and a speck of salt to make a soft dough. The filling is fresh coconut and jaggery (a natural concentrated sweetener made of fresh sugar cane juice reduced to a firm caramel).


The cakes are steamed and served warm. The caramelized sugar liquifies inside. A delight! And only five ingredients, including the salt and water. What a breakfast! It beats toast and cornflakes any day.
Posted by Kurma on 6/11/07; 11:42:59 PM

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