Snowed Under

snowed under:

For those of you wondering why my blogs are thin on the ground this month:

I’ve got so much going on there’s hardly enough time to do it all, what to speak of write about it.

Today I’m busily compiling shopping lists for all the cookery venues during my October Australia-wide Teaching Tour that commences next week. I’ve even been finalising dates and places for my May 2008 tour.

Tomorrow I have two interviews – for a big Western Australian food magazine, and a phone-hook up with a Canadian movie producer.

I have a double-class this weekend, so there’s all the shopping and house cleaning for that, plus loads of washing etc etc. I’m losing you aren’t I? Didn’t think you really were interested in all those details, so I’ll stop here lest I am accused of being self-indulgent.

If it’s ‘no rest for the wicked’, I must have been a bad, bad boy.
Posted by Kurma on 25/9/07; 11:12:35 AM

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