Scoring Goals

While the Aussie sports world was ablaze with Grand Final fever, I had my own grand final cooking weekend. Our double-header was all about flavour, flavour, flavour.

Roz toasts sesame: some kitchen action: lets lunch:

The delicate and fruity tamarind sourness of the sambar combined beautifully with the heady earthiness of cumin, ginger and cassia in the Moghul Cumin Rice.

idli and coconut chutney:

Fragrant and nutty roasted sesame shone through in the puffed, crispy Poories -all the better to scoop up morsels of caramelised fenugreek, lime and coriander enriched Pumpkin Curry. And we shouldn’t forget the chili, mustard and toasted urad dal laced comfort foodiness of our spongy Rawa Idli (above), finally topped off with the intoxicating top notes of rose and star-anise soaked Gulab Jamuns.


Posted by Kurma on 30/9/07; 11:42:31 PM

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