Parrots on the Bottlebrush, Duck Under the Table

It’s Monday morning and I’ve finally got my body clock back into shape after my intense travelling schedule of the last five days.

I spent another very pleasant pre-dawn in the garden here in my father’s Sydney home chanting my daily Hare Krishna mantras until the sun rose. I’ve noticed a husband and wife team of beautiful multi-coloured Rainbow Lorikeets that arrive at exactly 5.15 am daily on the same spot on the same fence every morning.


They speak with other in the same order and voice, then the male parrot flies to a native Bottlebrush tree in full bloom, starts to drink some nectar from a dew-drenched scarlet flower. He then makes a sound, which signals his mate to join him. She answers, flies to join him, then they cavort for about 20 minutes, and fly away.

I promised some vision from Saturday’s class at the Duck Under the Table Cookery School in Wingham, near Taree. Here’s the gang, poised to commence our semi-hands-on cookery workshop. There were some regulars, some driving in all the way from Sydney, and lots of new faces. For a small country town, this is certainly a ‘happening’ place.

hello from Wingham:

The highlight of the day was our paratha extravaganza. We almost perfected simultaneous paratha rolling as a syncronized olympic sport.

paratha frenzy: nip and tuck:

I showed them a complex recipe where soft, ghee-enriched pastry is formed into walnut-sized balls, then are rolled into discs, spread with ghee, cut, twirled into a cone, flattened and re-rolled to form a lovely flaky multi layered bread. They did a superb job.

Jenny and the team:

We set up 5 frying pans and a team of rollers supplied each team leader with freshly flattened discs of pastry. These were lowered into ghee-moistened pans, cooked carefully on both sides until flecked with golden brown and finally transformed into their new identity as hot and flaky wholewheat breads.

Edward and Eireen:

Edward and Eireen share a plate of Spicy Masoor Dal with Asparagus, Spinach, Broccoli and Pumpkin, our Wholewheat Parathas & Sweet, Hot and Sour Eggplant Pickles, our second last course of the day.

It was one of my best cookery events in a long while. Thanks to our hostess Annette for yet again facilitating such a fun day. More cooking adventures tomorrow at the last of my Sydney classes, at Foodstuff, Mona Vale.
Posted by Kurma on 15/10/07; 7:28:08 AM

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