Onions and Garlic

onions and garlic:

Colin from Wales, UK, asks:

“Why are onions and garlic not used in Vedic cooking, and is it specified in scripture that these foods cannot be offered, and if so where. After all, karela if very bitter and some chillies are extremely hot, and also… what about leeks?”

My reply:

Onions and garlic (and all other members of the Allium botanical family) are shunned by all followers of Vedic culture for similar reasons to the Buddhists – they cloud the mind and agitate the senses and central nervous system. Leeks are one of the more mild members of the Alliums, but still in the onion family (my condolences to all Welsh devotees!)

Yes, karella (bitter melon) is bitter and chilies are hot, but these things are beneficial when used properly. The Alliums are more detrimental than beneficial both in the short and long term, specifically in the pursuance of higher thought and meditation.

Since this is a commonly discussed question, I’ve published much on the subject of Onions and Garlic. Read this….

As far as exact scriptural references, there are some stories from the Puranas, but I will have to dig them out. Historically though, Alliums have been universally shunned by all followers of Vedic Lifestyle for millenia.

And for something really interesting about garlic, read this.

Hope this helps.
Posted by Kurma on 23/7/07; 7:10:34 AM

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