Mobile Phones Linked to Brain Tumours

the danger of mobile phones:

Australia is the fourth highest mobile phone per capita country in the world. I use a mobile phone, but as little as possible. I have a great suspicion of their long term effects.

Two old associates of mine, heavy mobile phone users, both died of brain tumours that formed on the sides of their heads where they habitually held their phones.

This report ‘rang bells’ and seemed worth sharing with you. It links to a website that solely deals with microwave issues. Very compelling stuff. Lots to read here.

“Scientists have found long-term users of mobile phones are more likely to develop a certain type of tumour on the side of their head where they hold their handsets.

Britain’s Daily Telegraph reports today that a large-scale study found that using a mobile phone for more than 10 years makes users 40 per cent more likely to develop tumours called gliomas.” More…
Posted by Kurma on 26/1/07; 12:08:15 AM

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