Letter from London

P from London writes:

“No questions; rather, just a note to you. I wrote to you before when I was about 12, I think, and you wrote me a great letter back – I was chuffed (I’m 24 now)!

I think you are an inspiration and I love your cooking. I really enjoyed reading the interview with the abolitionists – it even made me all teary at one point just pondering on what a state the world is in. I feel really sorry that things have got this way and the worst part about it is I can see why.. I feel so part of this screwed up society and some part of me has a desire to take part in the material aspects (ie, I want to be rich. Taking part in the wordly/material stuff is almost unavoidable anyway these days if you want to live in society). I wonder where it’s all going to end.

Now that’s all a bit dark isn’t it, but it is something that scares me a lot.

On a more positive note, I think people like you are an inspiration and show me that there are good people in this world who still care. I feel encouraged by this and I feel less burdened by all the troubles. So thanks!

I used to come to the temple on Sundays with my dad when I was little and I love Gopals. My parents bought me your Quick & Easy Vegetarian recipe cards for Christmas last year. They are great. I love cooking and I think what you say is true.. it’s an expression of love.

Anyway… I’m living in London now (right in the middle of the rat race!). It’s great but it really highlights the vast ranges of consciousness people have – from one extreme to the other and the different states people live in (e.g. the really rich to the really poor, etc.) You’d be surprised how big vegetarianism here is though… and that’s encouraging.

Anyway, keep it up and God bless you! Love, P”

My reply:

Hi P, Thanks for the letter. I am glad my exchanges on my blog inspired you to write. You seem like a sensible and sensitive girl.

Yes the planet is in a sorry state. But the way I see it, we should avoid taking the troubles of the world on our shoulders. Rather we should do what we can do rather than lament about about what we can’t. In this way we will feel a lot more satisfied. It’s the spiritual version of ‘Act Locally’ etc. If we clean up our own backyard for a start, we will feel a lot better that simply lamenting about the state of the neighbourhood. This is my experience.

Do I know your dad? I used to cook the feasts back then in Melbourne when you were visiting. Have you visited the Soho Street Hare Krishna Temple and Govinda’s Restaurant in London? A real oasis!

Thanks for staying in touch after all these years, and for your kind words and your blessings. Very much appreciated. I wish you all the best on your path in life. Hare Krishna! In service, Kurma
Posted by Kurma on 30/6/07; 12:39:00 AM

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