Last Tango in Western Australia

Saturday was spent in Perth’s fashionable suburb of Floreat, at the home of Heidi and Darren. Heidi had invited a group of friends and relatives to attend a cookery class/lunch, and I was to be the facilitator.

lunch with heidi:

This was our menu:

Indian Regional Curries

Moghul Spicy Rice with Saffron (Pullao)
Bengali Chickpea and Cauliflower Curry
Simple & Sublime Gujarati Pumpkin
Mixed Vegetables in Creamy Gujarati-style Karhi Sauce
Grilled Fresh Panir Cheese with Spinach and Cream (Palak Panir)
Puffed Flaky Fried Breads (Poories)
Pineapple Kosumalli
Creamy Cardamom-infused Condensed Yogurt Dessert
with Pistachios & Saffron Syrup (Shrikhand)

palak panir:

I tried out a new recipe, Pineapple Kosumalli. Basically this was a pineapple salad, folded with mint leaves and fresh coriander, a little salt and lime, and dressed with a fried seasoning of oil, mustard seeds, curry leaves and green chilies. It was a winner!

cutting pineapple:

It’s the peak of pineapple season in Australia, and there are some very sweet specimens appearing at the markets. We showed the crew the special spiral-cut technique that removes all the eyes of the pinepple and also makes a decorative design when the fruit is opened.


The fresh spinach and panir cheese cooked in a homemade spice paste and folded with double cream, Palak Panir, was a success as usual. Western Australia’s sweet and butter-soft Ord River chickpeas, the best I have ever tasted, formed the basis of our Bengali Chickpea and Cauliflower Curry.

steamed chickpeas:

Talking of Western Australia, yesterday also marked the date of what might well be my last class in Western Australia. I have new plans afoot, but there is time separating my disclosing them. I think it was the sage Chanakya who recommended that a gentleman not disclose his agenda before it is executed, lest it be spoiled.


I’ll let you know what’s going on in the next couple of weeks.
Posted by Kurma on 30/12/07; 9:57:13 AM

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