Last Day in Sri Mayapur

Yes, that time has come, and I’m going to be sad to leave.

Our taxi will take us back to Kolkata this afternoon, where we will head for the famous Howrah station and catch the 10.30pm Puri Express. We have 2nd Class Air Conditioned sleepers, so we might catch a little rest. The train arrives next morning after sunrise in Puri (known also as Puri-on-Sea, and Jagannatha Puri) the sacred city where Krishna is celebrated in his remarkable form of Jagannatha.

sri jagannatha:

I am unable to determine just how I will maintain my daily blogging in Puri. I suspect the hotel where we will be staying does not have internet connection. I guess I will have to find an internet cafe somewhere. Puri is a premier holiday destination in India, and this is high season, but our hotel adjoins the ocean so it should be quite peaceful.

So if you don’t hear from me for a day or so, know that I’m either trekking along the beach looking for an internet connection, or else I may be taking a wonderful dip in the primeaval rolling waves that thunder into this unique holy tirtha.

puri beach:

To keep you occupied, read this essay about the unique kitchens at the Jagannatha temple in downtown Puri.

puri temple:

Until we speak again…..
Posted by Kurma on 7/11/07; 12:56:52 AM

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