Kurma and the Bandwidth Thieves


You may have noticed that my blogs have been slow to appear in full lately, especially the photos. Some photos may not have always appeared at all.

The title of today’s blog could be the name of my new Rock Band (if I had one, which I don’t). But bandwidth ‘theft’ is a reality. I don’t pretend to be very au fait with the subject, but in a nutshell this has been the problem, as explained by my blog technician:

People have been ‘stealing’ bandwidth off my server. They’ve linked to the images, and added these link to their sites. These sites are having large traffic thrown at them, since each hit need to serve several of my images.

Some like Planet ISKCON kindly feed my blog to its readers hourly, and I am grateful for this. Others do so without authorisation, though of course it’s nice that my blog is being read by so many.

This, plus the high resolution of some of my latest India photos, plus their profusion, plus publishing from India in dusty little internet cafes, plus technical difficulties with some serving machinery at home have all compounded to slow things up. With all these factors in place, multiple and simultaneous requests for data clogged up the system.

So thanks for your patience. I am seriously considering thumbnail photos in future. I will let you know if and when this change is made. You’ll be able to click on them to see a larger image if you wish. Hopefully this will streamline things.
Posted by Kurma on 22/11/07; 4:11:05 AM

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